January 2007: Retrospective

When I started Project 365, I didn't think it would be very difficult. How hard would it be, I wondered to myself, to take a picture each day and post it to the web? I take pictures everyday anyway, so it would be no big deal. I was wrong. It is a big deal, and it's a much bigger deal than I thought it could be. I have been surprised at how this work has impacted me.

After 31 days of Project 365, I've learned (already) that I favor a particular aesthetic (shallow depth of field), I'm drawn to certain colors (oranges and yellows), I'm interested in literal objects that connote abstract experiences (contact lenses and "vision"), and I'm engaged by the patterns I notice in my own work (lots of circular images). There is more. I'm wondering what these things "say" about my life, about my vision of the world I'm in.


It's already becoming a bit challenging to find something new and exciting to photograph each day, and there are approximately 330 days of the project left to go. I anticipate that I'll be scrounging for subjects before too long. I will photograph the back side of the shower curtain in October because I would have photographed the front side in August . . . and this will be all that's left to shoot . . . that is, if I don't want to repeat myself. I joke, but what Project 365 has taught me so far-- about my own vision-- is that there is beauty and wonder in the most everyday subjects and we don't run out of every day subjects. We just have to look at them a little more closely, more carefully. (And I'm learning this just as clearly from other Project 365'ers as I am my own work.) But seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is a skill. Project 365 is strengthening that skill.

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31/365: After Payment, Shred the Suckers

Last day of the month is pay the bills day (it's also payday).

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30/365: First-Time Contact Wearer

I wonder how they will change my "vision"?

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29/365: Boundaries Keep Us In and Out

Easily one quarter of campus is under construction . . .
Ok, maybe not one quarter, but a lot . . .

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28/365: Dissertation Writing

Not artsy, just accurate today. (Click through to see notes.)

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27/365: New Faculty Orientation

Ok, I cheated. I changed my 365 picture today. I forgot about how I spent my
Saturday morning: as a facilitator at New Faculty Orientation.

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26/365: Great Grate

Ventilation grate at campus student center

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25/365: The View is So Different Three Stories Down

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24/365: Duck Teeth

Best large. Click to embiggen.

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23/365: Trip to the Store ($4.99 a lb.)

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22/365: (Jan 22) My Inner Child Wants to Play

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21/365: Vacation Fund

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20/365: Fake Sunflowers at Michael's

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19/365: Mailing Tubes, Dusty and Forgotten

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18/365: Damn, I Need a Life

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17/365: Snow Day!

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16/365: First Day of Classes for Spring Semester

Click to embiggen. In Flickr, move the picture's main page to see notes.

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15/365: My neighbor parks his police cruiser outside my house at night

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14/365: Bill Walton Bobble(body)

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13/365: Pixie on My Chest

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12/365: Wet Leaf Before the (Big) Storm

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11/365: Diet Cherry Limeade (from Sonic)

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10/365: A Lot of People Died Yesterday (Daily Obituary Reading)

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9/365: Hair Dryer Cord from Gym

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8/365: Glass and Shadow

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7/365: Ginger (Please Don't Make Me Do This)

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6/365: Pinot Noir

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5/365: Kris (hearts) Kevin '99

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4/365: Conflicting Desires

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3/365: Yellow Flower at Mimi's Cafe

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2/365: White Duck

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1/365: "M"

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Welcome to Parts-n-Pieces' Project 365 Blog

2007 will be the year of the photograph. Each day I will post a single photograph to the blog, and this will (1) document my year and will (2) develop my creativity. There will be no narrative on this blog, as I write elsewhere. The pictures I post here can also be found on my Flickr account. Comments and feedack are always welcome. If you have a Project 365 blog, let me know and I'll link to you. Here's to a fine and productive year.

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